Case Study

Case Study: VISUCATE Maintains Hyper-V Availability, Business Continuity With SteelEye® DataKeeper

VISUCATE became one of many small businesses to deploy Microsoft Hyper-V when the much anticipated Windows Server 2008 R2 became available in late October, allowing the company to utilize new Hyper-V features such as live migration. In an effort to complete its set-up, VISUCATE wanted a business continuity platform that met its small business expectations.

Along with taking advantage of the included high availability features of Windows Server Failover Clustering, VISUCATE needed additional assurances that a loss of critical data or downtime would not compromise its software sales. Also, like other small enterprises, VISUCATE required a data replication solution that was reasonably priced and delivered first-class protection.

As a with any business, large or small, VISUCATE required an affordable, uncomplicated and robust data replication platform to protect its new Hyper-V set-up. To prevent any downtime, the company needed its servers to replicate and maintain their operational capabilities: If one server fails, the other server is configured to take over to sustain operations, maximize uptime and assure user productivity.

The joint solution of Microsoft Hyper-V with Windows Server Failover Clustering and SteelEye DataKeeper Cluster Edition addressed those business requirements essential for VISUCATE as well as any organization intent on overcoming this challenge.