News | October 24, 2011

Vigilix And APG Provide Point Of Sale Loss Prevention With Ethernet Solution


Vigilix, LLC based in Greenville, SC, a leading provider of PCI compliant point-of-sale support software, is pleased to announce that it has completed integration between the Vigilix Application Support Tool (VAST) and APG Cash Drawer's NetPro Ethernet Cash Drawer.

APG Cash Drawer, LLC released the NetPro interface to opportunities such as this on September 10, 2010. APG and Vigilix believe that this distinctive product integration opens the door for Point of Sale ISVs to build on additional capabilities that will distinguish their POS application, increase the potential for the service providers, and ultimately add value to their customers - the merchants.

The thin client interface now makes it possible for point of sale service organizations to offer a new type of loss prevention service to their customers, the merchants. The interface leverages Vigilix's monitoring and alerting capabilities for point of sale hardware and software. Store owners / operators can receive instant alerts via email and/or text messages when a cash drawer has been manually opened or has been opened too long. In addition, the service organization can also have access to operational and hardware details specific to each individual drawer at their customers locations.

"Loss prevention is huge right now in any industry and we see the NetPro interface as an additional value-added service POS support organizations can provide to their customers," says Andrew Kurtz, President & CEO of Vigilix. "Imagine you are a store owner and while you are out running an errand you get a text message that someone has manually opened a cash drawer. This notification and information can be invaluable if you need to review video surveillance or reconcile a register."

"We are delighted with Vigilix's software solution," stated Mark Olson, President of APG Cash Drawer. "This software allows merchants to take full advantage of the features found in the NetPro interface. The interface can store drawer usage information and will help alert store owners and provide historical data for detailed investigations."

About Vigilix, LLC
Vigilix is the leading provider of monitoring and alerting software and remote support tools dedicated to the point-of-sale industry. Vigilix's VAST / Virtual Technician provides real-time monitoring, alerting, and remote control through a single web based user console. Help Desk operators have real-time visibility into the exact condition of the point-of-sale systems from an enterprise level down to a specific location. Using the PCI compliant secure remote control option, Vigilix RC, technicians can respond to alerts quickly, thus preventing small issues from becoming big problems. Delivered as a software as a Service application, Vigilix does not require additional software licenses or hardware for deployment. For more information, visit

About APG Cash Drawer, LLC
APG manufactures a broad range of high-quality cash drawers and other related products for thousands of customers throughout the world. During its 30+ year history, APG has built a reputation as the supplier of choice for highly durable and dependable cash drawers. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Vigilix, LLC