News Feature | October 7, 2015

Videos Provide Sales Tips For Managing Goals, Building Value

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Videos Provide Sales Tips For Managing Goals, Building Value

Sales teams are challenged to successfully set and attain their goals and build value from products and services. Andrea Sittig-Rolf, CEO of BlitzMasters, shares two videos that can provide some advice to help accomplish just that.

In the video series sponsored by Microsoft and HP, Sittig-Rolf provides actionable information for sales teams. In the first video, Sales Tip: Manage Your Goals With Three Simple Rules, Sittig-Rolf defines a goal: it’s not just a statement or desire to improve — it implies having an action plan to achieve it and a timeframe to reach the goal. She provides three essential steps to set goals and achieve them:

  1. keep your goals realistic
  2. break goals down into smaller, more achievable goals
  3. celebrate the small achievements

Sittig-Rolf explains step 3: “The point is, reaching big goals is hard work, and if you don’t celebrate your achievements along the way, you may not stay motivated and may be more likely to simply give up on reaching your goal.”

In the second video, Sales Tip: Crack the Code on Building Value From Products and Services, Sittig-Rolf addresses the question of selling on value versus selling on price. She asserts, “The key to success in building value from your products and services lies in asking the right questions at the beginning of the sales process to gather the information that points to the decision-making criteria of your customers.”

She says to ask open-ended questions that allow the prospect to do the talking and tell you what their “hot buttons” are. You, in turn, can build value by sharing stories of positive experiences your current customers have had with your company. When you have done so, price may no longer be an issue.

These videos, along with others in the series, are available on YouTube.