Magazine Article | February 15, 2012

Integrator's Guide To Video Management Software & Analytics

By Business Solutions magazine.

Most Significant Trends

Applications Expand — "We've already seen wide adoption of analytics for object tracking, facial recognition, customer-not-present, and license plate recognition. In addition, the types of available analytics are diversifying, making it far easier for end users to extract valuable business intelligence data from their video assets via their security system. For example, people-counting and queue line, which allow retailers to better understand in-store customer behavior." Tony Craythorne, channel chief, 3VR

Remote & Mobile — "Many end users are in need of remote management and cloud-based services. Also, mobile access to security information via laptops, tablets, and smartphones is in high demand." Jumbi Edulbehram, VP of business development, Next Level Security Systems

New Uses Pop Up Every Day — "Video surveillance systems represent a new and effective management tool useful throughout an organization or municipality. It can be a tool for process control, personnel management, inventory tracking, quality control, customer service, trafficking, and a range of other uses." Gadi Piran, president, OnSSI

Analytics At The Edge &mdash "We'll see more analytics developed to run in-camera, such as people-counting and license plate recognition, as well as embedded video recording and rules-based intelligence. Physical security information management, video synopsis technologies, and small-population facial recognition techniques will also be on the rise." Steve Surfaro, security industry liaison, Axis Communications

Tips & Advice For Success

Maximize ROI — “Customers want to maximize their return on investment, and a security solution becomes much more attractive if end users are able to use their security system for both business intelligence and security purposes. Successfully selling in a technology as a dual security and business intelligence tool often requires working with both a potential customer’s security and marketing teams from the beginning of the sales process.” Tony Craythorne, channel chief, 3VR

Consider Open & Cross-Platform — “It’s very important to have a truly open and cross-platform VMS solution. This allows integrators to choose best-of-breed cameras from multiple manufacturers if necessary. A cross-platform solution is also important because it ensures that the video system can be viewed and administered from nearly any computer or mobile platform.” Roger D. Shuman, senior marketing manager, Exacq Technologies

Set Expectations Properly — “If a 95% accuracy rate isn’t going to be enough for your customer’s needs, then make sure it’s clear to the customer what the analytics can deliver. Always use the plan-deploy-test-improve cycle with analytics.” Steve Surfaro, security industry liaison, Axis Communications

Make It A Solution Sale — “Be a problem solver. I know of clients who pay over $200 per month, per location, for everything from monitoring store traffic patterns at different times of the day and week to managing appropriate staffing levels, to ‘remote store clerking’ so that retail clerks who might be the only employee on premise can take a bathroom break, or have live remote eye’s assistance when suspicious or threatening groups of patrons appear.” Jeff Brummett, VP of security solutions, BlueStar

Remote Viewing Is Key — “The freedom for remote access to your security solution is something any business or security director should want. Demonstrate the ability to provide limited permission and cameras to users and how this keeps the physical recorder in a secure location.” Ian Siemer, director of marketing, OpenEye

Tie VMS To Business Operations — “Educate customers on the advantages of broader uses of video on the enterprise level, and deploy video systems that are integral to business operations. The additional benefits and uses of video makes the ROI case even stronger, and you can play a helpful and lucrative role in the education process.” Gadi Piran, president, OnSSI