Guest Column | May 11, 2012

VDI Vs. Desktop Virtualization: Which Is The Better Choice?

Scott Sims 2X Software

By Scott Sims, GM, the Americas theater, 2X Software

Computer virtualization is becoming a major consideration in the technology field. With all the talk about clouds, VPN, and mobile computing, do you wonder if your company is employing the best resources? Maybe you are concerned about getting the greatest return on investment or best value for your dollar.

Through this four part series on virtual infrastructures, you will understand several types of virtualization, benefits and limitations, hardware and software requirements, and how to become part of virtual computing.

First, virtualization is the separation of the physical and logical. It is building something that doesn’t have a physical footprint, and is easy to understand if you think of a chat room. Chat rooms provide a gathering place for people to engage in conversations over the Internet, but the room has no physical location. I will show you how computer hardware and software can be used similarly.