Magazine Article | June 25, 2012

VARs' Guide To Receipt Printers

By Business Solutions magazine

Significant Trends

Optimize The Customer Experience — “Customer engagement  models are evolving based on the imperative to optimize the POS experience. Mobility and self-service technologies now occupy a more significant role, alongside traditional POS solutions. From a peripheral standpoint, this requires reliable, small-footprint thermal printers that offer ease of use and a simplified integration process.” Adam Ortlieb, associate director of marketing, Seiko Instruments

Save Your Customers Money — “In today’s era of bottom-line cost reduction, receipt printers are moving toward better energy efficiency with Energy Star certifications, as well as reducing overall paper costs with receipt reduction enhancements. Studies show that these changes do affect the bottom line and produce results in cost savings.” Paul Constantine, president, ScanSource POS & Barcoding

Go Mobile — “When it comes to mobile printing, the name of the game is efficiency. Retailers aren’t buying technology — they’re buying solutions. They want store transactions to be convenient, fast, and reliable. By empowering clerks with mobile printers and even setting up wireless printers throughout the store, retailers can serve customers anywhere they are in the store, to take advantage of the enhanced customer service and speed of transactions inherent in mobile POS.” Barry Wise, senior marketing consultant, Epson America

Sales Advice

Don’t Take Peripherals For Granted — “Receipt printers represent the final opportunity for retailers to make an impact on their customers. A lot of resellers take the printer for granted and don’t fully integrate all of the functionality it represents to their retailers. Using the new functions not only saves retailers money but also enhances the transaction and customer experience. Printer functions allow retailers to add their logos, customer greetings, coupons as an incentive for repeat visits, and surveys to better the customer experience, while also adding information on product add-ons, such as extended warranty or complimentary products. Think of a receipt as the final handshake between the retailer and the end user.” Paul Constantine, president, ScanSource POS & Barcoding

Home In On Customer Requirements — “Today’s savvier retailers understand that it is critical to respond to emerging customer requirements; otherwise they risk falling behind in an increasingly competitive business climate. Those that better home in on customers’ requirements, offering a richer in-person experience, will have a significant top-line and bottom-line advantage.” Adam Ortlieb, associate director of marketing, Seiko Instruments