Magazine Article | June 17, 2014

VARs' Guide To Mobile POS & Cloud POS

By Business Solutions magazine

Hype Or Real Opportunity?

Mobility Is A Win-Win — “On one side, it’s a win for merchants in that they gain new sales opportunities and credibility with a younger audience, while improving customer retention. It’s also a win for consumers because they are able to make a more informed decision at a better price, providing new opportunities for growth for the merchant ensures an enhanced relationship with the reseller.” — Greg Dixon, CTO, ScanSource

mPOS Provides A Revolutionized & Improved Customer Experience — “Certain people may consider mPOS an overhyped technology when they think of it purely in context of it replacing existing models (such as the stationary register), but by doing so they are underestimating mPOS’ supplemental value. By supplementing existing, stationary terminals, mPOS greatly enhances the customer and merchant experience and improves the overall performance of a business. Employees are no longer beholden to a stationary cash register. Rather, they can go to customers on the selling-room floor and address their needs individually. mPOS will allow employees to look up item information, check inventory, and even process payments without leaving the customer’s side.” — Lisa Falzone, CEO & co-founder, Revel Systems