Case Study

VAR Provides Backup Appliances To Healthcare Clients

Source: STORServer, Inc.
Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

Backup Appliances For Healthcare Clients


Not only do healthcare providers generate enormous amounts of data, but retrieving that data for patient care and complying with regulations to retain that data — as well as regulations for data protection — necessitates the correct backup and storage solution. Jeff Pearring, president of CHATR, a Brooklyn, NY-based reseller, says, “This puts a huge strain on a hospital’s ability to meet requirements. It would mean warehouses full of paper.”

The industry, though, also has sensitive budgets. “Anytime they can save time and money with an appliance approach, they’re interested,” Pearring says. Other concerns healthcare clients often have include how easy the appliance is to use — for IT departments usually already overburdened by daily tasks — and, the question, “If we lose our data, can we get it back and what is the timeline?”

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