Case Study

Value-Added Provider Interstate Communications Delivers Smart Business Capabilities To Parker Ag's Agribusiness Operations

 Smart Business Capabilities

The Problem: Needing A View Of Operations

Parker Ag Innovations, a seed and chemical distributor located in Emerson, Iowa, was looking to improve oversight of its warehouse operations with the addition of surveillance cameras. According to Tina Parker, owner and operator of Parker Ag, “We can see the exterior of the warehouse from our home, but all of the loading doors are on the far side of the building and hidden from view. Initially we were looking for a way to passively keep an eye on those doors when we were not on site.”

Seed and farming chemical distributors play a critical role in U.S. agriculture by delivering necessary means of production when and where they are needed. While engaged in a very specific industry, these agribusiness operators have a lot in common with many industrial supply and wholesale operations. Most build inventory to values in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars’ during the winter months in order to be ready to deliver to all of their customers at the start of the planting season.

Interstate Communications, an independent telecommunications, broadband and technology solution provider serving Emerson, introduced Parker to its Smart Business solution provided through Clear2there and its Viewbiquity Cloud Application Suite (VCAS). Interstate provides a menu of services for businesses in the region in addition to broadband and telecommunications services, including office equipment technology and technical support, LAN services, IPTV, and more.

“We had deployed Smart Farm services throughout the Emerson area, and we were certain that the complementary Smart Business solution set would give Parker the flexibility to create a customized package to meet all of their business and security needs,” said Bryan Nelson, director of network operations for Interstate Telephone.

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