Guest Column | February 1, 2016

Utilities: Winning With Mobile And Cloud Strategies

By Danielle Calamos, Product Marketing Associate, Retriever Communications

Mobile And Cloud Strategies For Utilities

There are a few U.S. industries that face a fundamental transformation in the next few years. The utility industry is one of them.

Amidst increased competition from solar and wind energy organizations, utility companies find themselves trying to resolve a host of issues: Aging infrastructure, regulatory uncertainties, and customers cutting back on consumption to save money.

One of the ways utilities are fighting back is by increasing their own competitiveness. They are enhancing their service offerings (such as recommending smart meters), provide better customer service, become more responsive and, of course, optimize their operations to become more productive. Helping some of these business objectives become a reality are mobile and cloud strategies.

Mobile solutions are not a new occurrence in utilities, however, they have mostly been used in outage and other emergency situations. Now, some companies choose to redesign their entire workflow around mobile and cloud by allowing their field workforce to schedule appointments, request information, report on projects, order parts, and communicate with their managers and customers directly from the mobile devices. And by doing so, companies are empowering every customer-facing technician to become the best representation of the whole organization.

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