Article | August 20, 2019

Using Pay-At-The-Table Technology To Win Business

Source: Shift4 Payments

By Sean Berg, Shift4


Over the last decade, resellers encountering demand for pay-at-the-table technology struggled to overcome this obstacle. Between the limited implementations available and the high cost, adding a tableside device to their ecosystem provided more problems than solutions. A conversation that should have been an opportunity was instead an objection to avoid. However, recent changes in the industry have allowed this technology to increase sales and augment the considerable value resellers can already provide.

What Is The Value of Pay-At-The-Table Technology?
With the launch of products like Shift4’s SkyTab, pay-at-the-table solutions are being offered free of charge to customers, completely eliminating hardware and implementation costs. In addition, significant improvements have been made to the implementation of pay-at-the-table technology, eliminating barriers experienced in previous years. With the major obstacles of adopting the technology overcome, resellers can focus on offering the technology’s benefits to their customers.

First, pay-at-the-table dramatically increases table turn — the amount of time a table is occupied during an average dining experience. Increasing table turn also increases the number of customers serviced in the same amount of time, which directly improves the business’ bottom line. Most diners feel that 25 to 90 minutes is the appropriate amount of time for a dining experience. A pay-at-the-table device immediately reduces table turns by an average of 10 minutes by removing the printing and presentation of the check entirely.