Case Study

Using Mobility To Improve Efficiencies In Public Safety

Public safety departments looking for ways to help improve crash site safety and streamline their crash reporting process will find the solution they’re looking for with iyeTek and Brother™ Mobile Solutions.

iyeTek develops next generation mobile software solutions that help Law Enforcement and Parking Management Bureaus perform more efficiently. More than 500 police departments nationwide are using iyeTek’s suite of software solutions to electronically capture data, issue tickets, clear accidents faster and help improve public access to crash reports. iyeTek’s premier product, iyeCrash, dramatically helps improve the crash report process with a driver exchange report feature that quickly captures all relevant data which is printed and distributed to all parties at the accident scene. The report is then uploaded to a department’s report system to help increase access and eliminate redundant data entry.

Officers know that hand-written crash reports are prone to errors, which can cause delays and create potentially dangerous events at the scene of an accident. The longer emergency and crash vehicles block traffic, the higher the potential for a secondary accident. With the iyeCrash electronic crash reporting software, officers use the innovative data capture system with rapid driver’s exchange to complete crash reports in just minutes - saving valuable time and freeing them to resolve the accident. Parties involved in the accident benefit from receiving printed driver’s exchange information forms at the scene, which provide them with all of the information they, or their insurers, need to retrieve their crash reports. Furthermore, the iyeTek eCommerce portal ( allows citizens, insurers and other interested parties to obtain crash reports online, eliminating the need to pick up the report from the police station at a later time.

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