News | February 11, 2014

UP Solution Announces UP TAB Restaurant, The First Truly FREE Tablet-Based POS System For Restaurant And QSR

Complete tablet-based POS systems FREE to any UP Solution Partner.

UP Solution, a leader in payment processing and POS systems, announced recently the launch of UP TAB for Restaurant. The UP TAB Restaurant system, which combines its comprehensive restaurant management software with its own tablet-based hardware platform (tablet, stand, printer, card reader (MSR) and cash drawer), is now available to all UP Solution partners at zero cost.

“With the ever increasing demand for flexible mobile-based POS solutions by merchants, coupled with merchant requirements to add more economical solutions as compared to a full PC-based point of sale systems, we believe our UP TAB solution will add tremendous value for our partners and merchants,” said Dan Dufault, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

Dufault added, “ this solution will help bridge the gap between the traditional, full POS system and the ECR (electronic cash register) for merchants seeking an affordable way to benefit from contemporary point of sale system functionality. Also, because this product will be available to our partners for FREE, partners will now have the ability to create additional revenue opportunities from both hardware sales and related services.”  UP TAB Restaurant represents the first of three important UP Solution tablet-based POS solutions this year, with UP TAB Salon scheduled for release in early Q3 and UP TAB Retail in Q4.

In conjunction with UP TAB Restaurant, UP Solution also offers leading edge payments, processing and POS solutions and programs for industries including restaurants, salons, cleaners and retail businesses and many others. All UP Solution POS systems are also available as rental programs to its end-users, providing merchants with ultimate flexibility. Full POS rental systems begin at only $49 per month.

SOURCE: UP Solution