White Paper

Understanding Technologies For Creating High-Security ID Cards

Source: WYNIT Distribution, LLC

Security is an important priority for organizations today more than ever. Having secure access control and identification technologies in place is essential to protecting people and assets.

Tamper-proof ID cards play a critical role in high-security identification processes. This paper introduces different card printing technologies, security features and considerations when creating ID cards.

Before you invest in an ID card system, make sure you have identified your specific security and identification needs. Based on these factors, you will be able to choose the right card printer and the right ID card technology for your application:

  • The type of card you plan to use
  • How many cards you plan to print
  • How often you need to print cards
  • What printing elements you need to incorporate into your card
  • The quality of card images
  • Type of encoding required on the card

There are five major factors to consider...

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