White Paper

Uncrowding The Crowd: A New Model Designed To Create Better Working Relationships

Source: Field Nation

When organizations first began crowdsourcing to identify talent for specific projects, the concept seemed to offer limitless potential.

Crowdsourcing: The act of taking a job traditionally performed by an employee and outsourcing it to an undefined group of people on a project-by-project basis, in the form of an open call. Source: Burnt Oak

Like the trends of outsourcing and off-shoring jobs in the early 2000s, organizations that crowdsource projects today are focused on reducing cost and increasing resource flexibility while maintaining quality . This means if you rely on disengaged crowdsourcing you do so at increased risk. Disengaged crowdsourcing is the idea that success, savings and quality can come from the crowd without a relationship; each and every time you go back to that deep well. The potential upside (getting a project completed on the cheap) may be offset by poor results, sub-skilled labor and missed deadlines. The “crowd” as it exists today offers inconsistent outcomes.

This Field Nation whitepaper exposes the importance of “uncrowding the crowd,” and how to avoid the pitfalls of crowdsourcing while keeping its benefits and scale. It provides insights and recommendations to help organizations regain their edge when seeking highly skilled labor while maintaining the flexibility, reach and rapid delivery that cloud-based work marketplaces and project management platforms promise.

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