Brochure | December 29, 2009

Brochure: UC For Business (Unified Communications)

NEC understands the important role communications play in building and maintaining your business relationships. How effectively you communicate with customers, resellers, key suppliers and business partners can be the difference between business won and business lost.

The measure of your responsiveness as an organization is not simply based on how well your contact center agents or console operator does their job. Satisfying customer needs relies on effective communications across the entire enterprise. A breakdown in communications between individuals, departments or locations could see your customer contacting your competitor instead.

NEC's UC for Business helps your organization eliminate the barriers to successful interactions. With it, you can take a unified approach to all the ways your organization communicates, whether externally or internally by computer desktop, phone, e-mail, fax, mobile, or via your website.

NEC's UC for Business unifies all your communications on one appliance and uses one application and one administrator – without requiring that you replace your existing infrastructure. You are able to use a familiar Microsoft® XP/Vista-based user interface, and you need only one administration tool to manage all your UC applications. With UC for Business, you can meet all your employees' needs and minimize your total cost of ownership of an enterprise-wide unified communications solution.