Magazine Article | June 14, 2013

Two Bundles, One Breakthrough Solution For Secure Point-Of-Sale

By BlueStar

Combine Point-of-Sale with Video Surveillance Technology to Target New Vertical Markets

Selling “total solutions” is a channel concept easier said than done, especially when it comes to secure, compliant and complete solutions for Point-of-Sale. Resellers must have the resources, time and expertise to create unique hardware and software bundles for different needs, including integrating retail applications with powerful video surveillance for retailers in search of a single solution to meet multiple POS needs.

To streamline this process, BlueStar created the In-a-Box Solutions Series targeting eight vertical markets, including Security and Point-of-Sale. Two of the newest bundles, Retailer In-a-Box Point of Sale | PCI Security Edition and Video Surveillance | Loss Prevention, are now expertly integrated to create a truly breakthrough total solution that meets the targeted demands retail customers are placing on their reseller partners.

Retailer In-a-Box | PCI Security Edition provides up-to-date encrypted hardware and software solutions to aid in Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliancy. This solution was designed to meet regulations enacted to protect customer information. Along with full point of sale functionality, all data is encrypted at the point of entry and only encrypted data is stored on the system. The included software integrates with encrypted MSR technology working with several credit card processors to aid any retailer concerned with meeting PCI DSS Standards.

Retailer In-a-Box | Loss Prevention allows retailers to monitor and record all in-store occurrences. A total of four cameras come equipped with this solution, and up to eight may be installed if needed with the included NVR Lite System. Users can capture information from a POS system and overlay this data directly onto the live or recorded video images, effectively reducing inventory shrinkage and preventing losses. Now retailers can securely view in-store activity, either as live footage or in playback mode, and better protect their businesses from potential financial and legal concerns.

Together, these Retailer In-a-Box bundles create a comprehensive solution to help stores integrate a total security and POS system; prevent internal and external theft; and monitor employee behavior, POS transactions and floor items — and all this while keeping customer data secure and PCI-compliant.

Whether your customers serve guests in a retail environment, full-service restaurant, by the pool or in a stadium seat, BlueStar’s In-a-Box Series is impacting how Point of Sale resellers go to market with their solutions. This total solution for POS and Security is designed to be easy: easy to procure, easy to deploy, and most importantly, easy to use.

By developing strategic partnerships with best-of-breed ISVs and worldclass hardware manufacturers, In-a-Box Solutions provide a jumpstart for those who provide or wish to provide solutions for Point of Sale. These In-a-Box Solution bundles consist specifically of selected hardware best suited for the targeted solution, including peripherals that complete the solution offering. Prior to shipment BlueStar’s Integration Facility loads the software and ensures all components work together seamlessly — all by ordering a single SKU.

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