Tweets From VARTECH 2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


VARTECH, the solution show for members of the data collection, digital signage, mobility, point of sale, RFID and security channels ends today in San Antonio, Texas. Here are a few insights into the event via Twitter.

@joe_easton3: Riverwalk, San Antonio #VTUSLA13

@monocello: New faces at BlueStar #VTUSLA13 Codezone. PioneerPOS exhibiting for first time. Just inked disty partnership a few days ago.

@monocello: Processing company JetPay got started in the channel at RetailNow last month. Now exhibiting at BlueStar's #VTUSLA13.

@monocello: BlueStar's #VTUSLA13 keynote kicks off now as Mark Fraker takes the stage first and promotes the new BlueStar app to keep partners engaged.

@gwickes: Always enjoyable to hear the humble honesty and fun of Steve Cuntz of @Think_BlueStar #VTUSLA13

@InsideRSPA: RT @monocello: Dr James Canton, futurist, author, business advisor takes the stage at #VTUSLA13 to talk change & the future. Perfect timing!

@gwickes: Prepare for deep change. Faster. Smarter. Disruption. via Dr James Canton #VTUSLA13

@gwickes: Change Management: Moving with Velocity to Adapt, Learn, and Empower #VTUSLA13

@gwickes: Change Management Keys: Clear Vision. Communicate Purpose. Action plan. Courage. Change yourself first #VTUSLA13 #vartech