Tweets From The Austin ASCII Success Summit

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


The ASCII Group held its Success Summit in Austin, Texas, this week. Read what attendees  — including Business Solutions president Jim Roddy— had to say about the event on Twitter.

iTACinc: #ASCIISUCCESS social media — increasing our ability to talk and communicate, but 70% believe youth have no privacy.

Eric_D_Townsend: What happens in an Internet Minute? Just Do It vs. Just Google It. #ASCIISUCCESS #Millennials#socialmedia

charlesjlove: Listening to some real great service management tips from @TigerpawCo #ASCIISUCCESS

IntelMSP: The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It: Ask @Eric_D_Townsend how does it for your business #ASCIISUCCESS

IntelMSP: "Virus protection is critical. We've outsourced IT so we don't have to worry in-house." @perlmortgage #ASCIISUCCESS

Jim_Roddy: Is there a more important channel topic than Staying Relevant? Jerry Koutavas of @ascigroup will provide insights. #ASCIISUCCESS

Michael_Bui: Learn how to reinvigorate your IT services strategy for 2014. Intel keynote at ASCII Austin. #ASCIISUCCESS # Eric_D_Townsend  #mcafee_SMB  

afrosa: Face to face is key customer service. #ASCIISUCCESS

Jim_Roddy: Get certified, then aggressively promote your certification to potential clients. Koutavas #ASCIISUCCESS @bsminfo 

iTACinc: #ASCIISUCCESS 4/8/13 end of service for windows XP and office 2003 — refresh is so refreshing

stevenabanks: Intel's Eric Townsend highly recommending this book: #ASCIISUCCESS

afrosa: IT headaches are solved by smarter IT management. #ASCIISUCCESS

MrichardPR: #ASCIISUCCESS cargill says educational #webinars help companies improve their top and bottom lines

Jim_Roddy: You have a choice between being a pushy salesperson or being broke. If you want a friend, get a cocker spaniel. Cargill #ASCIISUCCESS

Jim_Roddy: SMBs want local backup, cloud backup AND virtual failover. @dattobackup  at #ASCIISUCCESS @bsminfo  

stevenabanks: "The goal is not to be a gatekeeper, but an enabler of business." LogMeIn at Austin, TX #ASCIISUCCESS Summit.

Michael_Bui: Learn how to reinvigorate your IT services strategy for 2014. Intel keynote at ASCII Austin. #ASCIISUCCESS # Eric_D_Townsend #mcaffee_SMB

Jim_Roddy: As a community, you support each other — that's the value of ASCII. Jean Alexander #ASCIISUCCESS @bsminfo  

Jim_Roddy: Market trends providing channel opportunities: platform proliferation, cloud, mobility, services growth. O'Bray @GFISoftware #ASCIISUCCESS

Jim_Roddy: Another #BYOD stat: 34% of companies provide all the tech to their ee's. That segment is shrinking. O'Bray @GFISoftware #ASCIISUCCESS

Jim_Roddy: 100% of devices sold at Xmas this yr will be touch. 6 months later, SMBs & enterprises will be demanding it. @LenovoChannelNA  #ASCIISUCCESS