Tweets From ASIS 2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

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ASIS 2013, an annual seminar and exhibition for security professionals, concludes today in Chicago. If you couldn’t attend, “reports” by channel members via twitter provide an overview of the event.

ShayneBates: #ASIS13 59th seminar and exhibits & 3rd ISC2 Congress kicks off with ASIS President Geoff Craighead

keving27: @genetec Andrew Elvish examines the transition from analog to IP VMS, and considerations for megapixel. #ASIS13

keving27: @BoschSecurityUS Rudolf Spielberger answers a ? about H.265 new standard for compression in VMS. @genetec #ASIS13

ErinYoungers: Fasincating - "@roetjen @SecInfoWatch editor Steve Lasky "IP video not at tipping point; market is still 65% analog video!" #ASIS13

jack_johnsn:" @roetjen HD Video Panel ~ Bandwidth, storage, your network are major consideration if you are considering high def video. @genetec #ASIS13 "

Microsoft_GS: "The journey doesn't end, it continues. I think all of us continue to learn and grow." @MikeHowardMSGS #ASIS13

THeathCPP: CSO of Microsoft "Key to leadership is prioritize, trust others to complete task, and strategize leadership moments." #asisyp #ASIS13

ValBetancourt: Surveillance system overload at the #ASIS #tradeshow. #ASIS13 #ASISChicago #ASISInternational …

LarissaLindsay: The hall opening to get in to see Steve Wozniak at #ASIS13 was a flashback to my rock concert days. Get to the front!!!

ASIS_Intl: #ASIS13 attendees lining up for the 8 am Steve Wozniak keynote.

SecProds: Wozniak: We're always doing things that people don't know how it's done. #ASIS13

SecProds: Woz: When you have the brightest people in the world, they usually leave at least one door unlocked. #ASIS13

SDMmagazine: The new security landscape has smart, not physically strong, people on both sides of the "fence." Steve Wozniak #ASIS13

THeathCPP: Security Career Panelist: Convergence is key for security careerists. Must have all 3 physical, cyber, and investigations. #asisyp #ASIS13

JROGMORRISON: Good to see former FBI colleagues, thanks to Chicago office leaders for their presentation this morning #ASIS13 2013.

ShayneBates: Bumped into John Howard fmr PM of Australia, who speaks at the #ASIS and #ISC2 convention, 8am keynote #security

kcredsox: John Howard "Ronald Reagan was a great president, you always knew what he stood for" #ASIS13

drewamorosi: "The horrors of terrorism will continue for some years to come" says former Aussie PM Howard re: Kenyan incident #ISC2Congress #ASIS13

eduardemde: Former AUS PM John Howard #ASIS13 on his experiences & security landscape. Themes & regions of concern.@ASIS_Intl

drewamorosi: "Shale oil gas revolution could give US an energy advantage well into the future" says PM John Howard #fracking #ASIS13 #ISC2Congress

TerrenceWBrown: Listening to @CPD_Tech at #ASIS13 .Nice to know @Chicago_Police is using social media to help fight crime. Great info & presentation!

dbennettSIRCHIE: #ASIS conference in Chicago. Camera technology everywhere, but few new innovative developments. Biometrics is the new "key" for entry.

stand4security: US Marine Warren Reed at #ASIS13 - "A good job is the very least we can do for veterans in the security industry."

stand4security: US Army vet Kevin Upshaw's story - how building a union in Philly helped vets improve wages and benefits. #ASIS13…

Microsoft_GS: Steve Pineau of @ViscountSystems explains how his company uses the cloud for #accesscontrol at #ASIS13

asthornhill: "Scariest thing coming down the line is the disruption of the integrity of the data" - @BoozAllen @Christopherling #isc2congress #asis13

ASIS_Intl: See you in Atlanta! @SecProds One last view of the #ASIS13 show floor before heading home! Once again a great show! @ASIS_Intl