Guest Column | March 23, 2018

TSP Sales Growth Starts With Ownership

By Michael Cummings, Director of the Sales Transformation Program and Executive Recruiting at Taylor Business Group

Job Growth

Douglass Miller is the CEO of Straightedge Technologies. Like many MSPs, he was frustrated with his sales results. He had very few net new clients and sales to existing clients was uneven.

In two-three years, he has doubled the size of his MSP; attracting one net new MRR client a month and growing his sales to existing clients by 3-4X. What changed? Douglass did.

He invested in his skills as a sales leader; devoted > 60% of his time to the sales process and executed on a range of fronts required for result.

How can you do the same?

Most MSPs hit a sales ceiling

Most companies hit sales ceilings that they cannot surmount. They may invest in marketing tools, hire sales people or engage telemarketing services with no results. Fundamentally, they end up spinning their wheels year after year – and leave a wake of fired sales people who never had a chance to succeed.

Unless you learn the sales leadership  skills you need and execute a profound change in the way that you generate opportunities, pursue business and sell – you are destined to stagnate.