News | June 13, 2014

TruMethods Members Focus On Building Their Businesses At Schnizzfest

Source: TruMethods, LLC
Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson

Gary Pica, TruMethods

Schnizzfest is under way.

Schnizzfest is the event where TruMethods members gather to focus on the process of improving their businesses — on the path to becoming world-class MSPs (managed services providers). The event is only for TruMethods members, so it’s a gathering of like-minded people who speak the same language.


TruMethods owner Gary Pica explains the etymology of the word “Schnizz” began to describe an attitude (there is an accompanying hand gesture) and all TruMethods members understand it. They also understand each other — MSPs battling the challenges of the IT services industry, and, by their presence at Schnizzfest, MSPs who are working toward the status of “world class.”

TruMethods puts its members on a five-step path toward this goal:

  • Business planning
  • The right packaging and pricing
  • Being sales-focused
  • Being process-driven
  • Having command — or a 360-degree views —  of your business

Activities at Schnizzfest deal with various aspects of the “TruMethods Way” through presentations, panels, and guest speakers. This year Charlie Wonderlic, CEO of Wonderlic, Inc., presents “The Top 5 Reasons We Hire The Wrong People,” including advice on identifying the best people for your MSP and on understanding biases you can bring to the hiring process.

Yesterday, a new feature, a pre-day Service Delivery Process Workshop, covered network administration, centralized services, managing standardization, managing proactive delivery, and building delivery processes to include business impact assessments and client strategy.

The event also includes a discussion of industry changes and how members can prepare, as well as changes within TruMethods. Schnizzfest also includes ample time for member-to-member networking. And fun. As TruMethods points out in its promotion of the event, “It’s Schnizzfest …how could we not have fun?”