News | August 6, 2013

Tri-Technical Systems, Inc. Expands Product Offerings

Dubuque, Iowa - Tri-Technical Systems (Tri-Tech), a national leader in retail business software solutions, is excited to offer two exceptional software offerings for the dealer network: AIMsi Lite and AIMsi Pro. The AIMsi Lite version contains many of the same robust options as the traditional AIMsi software package (AIMsi Pro); however, it is a streamlined package ideal for startup and smaller businesses. AIMsi Lite sells for $495 (retail), and includes all features found in AIMsi Pro’s Basic Package (retails $995), including complete POS activity, inventory management functions with barcode printing, gift and loyalty card tracking, and more. AIMsi Lite is limited to a maximum of 2 workstation licenses and in order to interface to any of the AIMsi add-on modules an upgrade to the Pro edition will be required.

“We feel that AIMsi Lite is a great package for smaller retail stores, or for those retailers wanting to get started with AIMsi without thelarger up front investment,” states Paul Acton, President of Tri-Tech. “The Lite version gives our resellers a great way to get in the door with smaller businesses and be able to offer them a path for growth with our AIMsi Pro software. Users with Lite can upgrade to the Pro version when they are ready to add modules, additional workstations or store locations.”

Tri-Tech is the author of the AIMsi, PC/POLL and Active-e software products. AIMsi is a complete point of sale (POS), inventory management, accounting and business software application for retailers. AIMsi v10 is PA-DSS certified. PC/POLL is an ECR polling and programming software solution that connects to over 50 different cash register models within one software package. Active-e is a web e-commerce solution that fully integrates with AIMsi to eliminate double entry between web & POS sales functions. (Software pictured on an SPT-4500 touch terminal from CRS, Inc.)

To see AIMsi in action, please stop by booth #308 at the RetailNOW Show Aug. 4 th – 7 th in Las Vegas. All Tri-Tech software products are available for dealers to purchase for use in their office and resale opportunities are also available. Please contact Tri-Tech for reseller information.

About Tri-Technical Systems

Since its foundation in 1984, Tri-Technical Systems has become an industry leader in providing business solutions to retailers. Over 4,000 retailers across the United States and Canada are growing their business with greater predictability and more profitably with the help of Tri-Tech’s product suite. For more information on Tri- Technical Systems visit or contact us at or call 800.670.1736.

SOURCE: Tri-Technical Systems