News | July 6, 2011

tres By RFID Unveils New RFID Tag For Tracking Assets


RFID, Inc. and cramZ marketing services are proud to announce the release of the much anticipated "tres by RFID, Inc." active tags and receivers. tres by RFID, Inc. operates in the 433 MHz spectrum and is capable of read ranges from 8 to 600 feet, depending on antenna usage. tres by RFID, Inc. features replaceable battery tags which provides a virtually unlimited tag life and greatly reduces the per year cost of the active tags. tres by RFID, Inc. has been certified by the FCC (YVUTRES433) making it legal for sale in the U.S., is also RoHS compliant and is manufactured in the U.S. by American companies. The tres receivers are available in Wiegand, Serial and TCP/IP output configurations and come standard in a NEMA enclosure with an internal antenna. The tres active tags with replaceable batteries are available in a clamshell style tag as well as a Metal Mount version. Applications include Perimeter Security, Gate Control/AVI, Asset and Personnel Tracking and Work in Process automation.

SOURCE: RFID, Inc. and cramZ marketing services