News | September 28, 2016

Trace3 Research On Endpoint Security Predicts Market Consolidation, Increasingly Complex Security Ecosystem

Report Concludes That No Single Endpoint Solution Is Enough: Layers Are Needed

Trace3, a pioneer in business transformation solutions, recently released original research, Solution Trends in Endpoint Security, from its Innovation Research Team. The report is designed to give CIOs a 360-degree balanced view of emerging technologies, including competitive benefits and potential drawbacks.

According to the endpoint security trend report, the days of relying on traditional antivirus protection to secure the jagged perimeter of endpoint devices are over. Today's endpoint security architecture requires a layered approach built on four key components: (1) Endpoint Protection Platforms, (2) Endpoint Threat Detection & Response, (3) Threat Isolation, and (4) Exploit Technique Mitigation.

The report provides analysis, predictions and recommendations for enterprises seeking to create, augment or replace their existing endpoint security stack.

“In today’s complex threat environment, companies need to adopt a comprehensive, layered approach to security, which is a challenging task in such as rapidly evolving, crowded market,” said Mark Campbell, VP of Trace3 Research. “It’s critical that companies assess their individual security vulnerabilities and needs, and then design a solution that leverages some of the most innovative security solutions on the market.”

“Our research finds that a significant piece of the market still focuses heavily on malware protection, even as detection is becoming more important,” added Campbell. “Since there is no 100 percent effective prevention solution, detection products should be a key area of attention when beefing up a layered endpoint security stack.”

Key Research Findings:

  1. Endpoint Security is a crowded market: Endpoint security solution providers compete in a very crowded and highly-funded market space. Incumbents, such as Symantec and McAfee, have the daunting task of not only fending off attackers but also keeping up with emerging solution providers who are, conversely, aiming to grow their solution into larger platform like offerings. Over the next two years, Trace3’s Research Team expects to see an increase in platform offerings either through mergers and acquisitions or through in-house development efforts to expand into adjacent security markets.
  2. Total automation is premature: As exploits continue to become more advanced, countermeasures become more automated and orchestrated. While this trend toward automation is allowing more to be done with less operational labor, endpoint security will not reach a "hands off" level of maturity in the foreseeable future.
  3. Platforms will consolidate but don’t expect a holistic endpoint security solution: Due to the increasing complexity of endpoint security solutions and the burgeoning number of endpoint security use cases, customers are clamoring for a more consolidated platform to manage their resources effectively. However, although we do predict that some consolidation will be seen in the near future to address this, there will not be one holistic solution for endpoint security any time soon.
  4. Windows 10 will include endpoint: Microsoft is the target operating system for the vast majority of endpoint attacks, and as such Trace3 expects the newer releases of Windows 10 to add substantial built-in prevention, detection and operational features. Look for big advances on this front.
  5. Newer open source technologies will free up budget: A growing number of enterprises will adopt open-source or built-in OS features as their primary anti-malware solution (e.g., Avast, Malwarebytes, BitLocker, native MAC encryption) to free up budget currently being spent on traditional antivirus solutions. This budget will be redirected to EDR, EPP or other emerging endpoint solutions.

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