Case Study

Case Study: TotalBank Secured By Keyscan

The very nature of banking is based on trust. Trust that the banking institution will protect its customers' money and their confidential data. For that precise reason bank security is and always has been a top priority for both the banks and their customers. In 2008 TotalBank decided to enhance their physical security controls, and began looking to bolster its physical security and access control capabilities.

TotalBank, based in Miami Florida, has been providing financial services in the area for over 30 years. With 14 branches and over $2b in assets, TotalBank required an access control system that was flexible enough to support the multiple-branch environment as well as their corporate and administrative offices. For Mr. Ivan Montesinos, Senior Vice President Corporate Information, and Security Officer of TotalBank, the choice to go with Keyscan seemed like a natural fit for the bank. "We needed additional layers of security to ensure the integrity of the bank. We have a lot of extremely confidential information and it is absolutely crucial for us to control who can gain access to it."