Magazine Article | September 19, 2011

Total Solution, Reputation Sells Mobility Solution

By Brian Albright, Business Solutions magazine.

Creatively applying technology to an application challenge can generate significant dividends — even in a fairly straightforward application like laundry delivery. Baltimore-based systems integrator Barcoding, Inc. recently helped a laundry client combine new and traditional technology to improve efficiency and create a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Barcoding, Inc. specializes in a number of mobility applications, including field service, supply chain, asset management, and device management. Last year, the company deployed a mobile delivery solution for Urban Hanger, a pickup/delivery dry cleaning and laundry service provider that caters to apartment buildings, office complexes, student housing, and universities.

The goal of the mobility project was to differentiate the company from the competition and increase its value proposition to potential building management companies by automating their laundry-handling operations. The company also wanted to streamline its internal operations by integrating a mobility solution with its enterprise solutions. Urban Hanger chose Barcoding, Inc. to design and implement a mobile solution because it was local to Baltimore and had a good reputation among its clients.

So far, the mobile solution has been a success. By providing real-time alerts to customers and reducing the administrative burden for the building management companies they work with, Urban Hanger has been able to set itself apart from competing laundry services by aggressively marketing its technological capabilities.