Total Managed Print

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Total Managed Print
The OKI Solution providing the most comprehensive, end-to-end, managed print services solutions — whether you're just getting started or seeking to expand your existing MPS model.

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Total Managed Print

With Total Managed Print™ you can easily build or augment your MPS business model and start generating predictable revenue streams. Our flexible modular system provides customized options for any level of engagement.

Why OKI Total Managed Print?

OKI is the only organization that can provide a suite of flexible services that you can use to start or enhance your Managed Print Services business. This suite includes Continuous Fleet Optimization with ongoing incremental sales, Device Lifecycle Asset Management, and Proactive Fleet Management (Consumables and Service) that increases your overall profitability while reducing your labor costs.

Unique Analytical Engine

  • Comprehensive data capture and proprietary analytical engine that utilizes qualified independent research and benchmarking best practices to accurately evaluate your customer's print fleet
  • Automates formerly manual and time-comsuming processes and activities, such as fleet assessments, asset identification, device utilization, total cost of operation, AMPV calculations and life-cycle asset management recommendations

Unbiased, Strategic Recommendations

  • Brand and device agnostic recommendations for products, systems, tools, processes, methodologies and services to meet the diverse needs of your customers

Proprietary Proposal Generator

  • Dynamic proposal report builder that provides custom-tailored modular output to meet your customer's unique needs
  • Variety of output documents, including CIO Executive Summary, CFO Balance Sheet, Comprehensive Strategic Recommendations, plus Detailed Data Capture and Analysis

Continuous Fleet optimization

  • Dynamic, web-based services that include device and usage tracking and strategic recommendations for on-going cost reductions, fleet optimization and profit protection
  • Identification and automatic proposal generation of ongoing sales opportunities for hardware placements, upgrades and technology migration

Customer Data Capture

  • Web-based, real-time data collection with full asset identification and tracking of desktop and local devices
  • Captured data includes:
    • IP address mapping and device location
    • Consumable usage rates and yield data
    • Device utilization including average page count per device, mono vs. color page counts, AMPVs, MAC addresses, serial numbers/locations, device classifications with both engine and physical age, vendor identifications, toner levels per device and coverage including TCO, CPP and CPD
  • Data capture capability for 10,000 devices, including current and legacy products
  • Accommodates a variety of data capture sources, such as USB keys, remote monitoring, as well as manual sources, including static spreadsheets
  • OKI offers an intuitive and secure collection agent, which does not compromise systems, networks or client information
  • Data can be self-hosted (Partner) or managed by OKI using a non-invasive, web-based application
  • Meets compliance requirements standards including HIPPA, JHACO, SOX and FIPS

Data Analysis: Proprietary Analytical Engine

  • A key differentiator of OKI Total Managed Print – this unique OKI-developed analytical engine utilizes a variety of statistical calculations based upon independent market research and leveraging multiple industry best practices to provide accurate analysis of customer's print fleet
    • Data sources include industry experts such as: GAP Intelligence, Gartner, Photizo, IDC, and InfoTrends
  • Provides TCO analysis, AMPV calculations, device utilization measurements and comprehensive operational efficiency evaluations
  • Customizable settings can be
    • Primary: Control Dealership
    • Secondary: Individual Registration

Proprietary Proposal Generator

  • Another key differentiator of OKI Total Managed Print
  • Dynamic, customizable report builder provides modular output that you can custom-tailor based your sales strategy and the unique requirements of each customer
  • Web-based output into MS Excel and MS Word includes a variety of reports, such as CIO Executive Summary, CFO Balance Sheet, Comprehensive Strategic Recommendations with phased implementation plans and Detailed Raw Data Capture and Analysis

Flexible Acquisition Options

  • Flexible device and brand agnostic Managed Print solutions for hardware, supplies and service based on recommendations strategically aligned with individual customer needs
  • Print assessment is based on right-sizing and fleet optimization as opposed to traditional "rip-and-replace" strategies
  • Variety of purchase options can include: utility-based billing, lease/rental, cash outlay or a combination approaches within the fleet
    • Sales can be private labeled, co-branded, or a combination of both
    • Pricing options can include soft costs for service, warranties, as well as software and consultative services
  • Short and long term acquisition options available to support phased implementations and streamlined approaches
  • Hardware recommendations can include a mixture of OKI standard & MPS-Ready devices, competitive products, OEM and compatible supplies and services
    • MPS-Ready devices: OKI Printing Solutions is the first manufacturer in the industry to launch a dedicated series of color and monochrome printers that directly support your MPS efforts. This specialty product line includes:
      • Exclusive 3-year parts & labor warranties
      • SKUs that cannot be competitively shopped
      • Protected supplies to lock-in recurring revenue streams
    • Service and supplies - support for mixed fleets with available OEM, compatible or 3rd party supplies

Implementation Services

  • On-site services and off-site consulting available for all aspects of implementation and processing
    • On-site (Professional Services)
      • Blueprinting
      • National Installation
      • Redeployment
      • Product Training
      • Asset Tagging
      • Product Removal
      • Certifications
    • Off-site (Professional Services)
      • Communication Plan
      • Project Management
      • Office Ergonomics Study (Before & After Floor Plan Layouts)
      • Lease Processing
      • Employee Change Management

Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Web-based automated data collection and monitoring includes:
    • Life-cycle, asset management
    • Real time service alerts including error reporting
    • Predictive maintenance capabilities
    • Automated development and real time routing of service tickets
    • Tracking and monitoring of SLA's
    • Integrated service call tracking
    • Technician performance and cost report analysis
    • Cost of repair and replacement reporting
    • Printer parts usage
    • Cost of labor/parts/consumables
    • Gross profit generated
    • Revenue and billing data
    • T&M (time and materials) break/fix data
    • Failure analysis
  • Reports can be broken down by customer, cost center and device/model

Personalized Service and Supplies Fulfillment

  • Service
    • Range of service offerings which include proactive maintenance, asset tracking, product warranty status, certification tracking, OS support and compatibility reporting
    • Real-time service alerts and response from OKI's strategic partners nationwide; includes helpdesk, break/fix and dispatch options
    • Remote device configurations and firmware upgrades
    • Service call tracking and lifecycle reporting by company and device
    • Tracking and monitoring of SLA's
  • Supplies
    • Fully customizable auto-replenishment of supplies – badged, OEM, or private labeled
    • Stocking, transportation and logistics for a single CPP
    • Competitive pricing across multiple products and technologies
    • Turnkey fulfillment solutions with JIT and guaranteed delivery options
    • Ability to provide supplies and services for legacy products
    • Tested and certified supplies yields with full disclosure of consumable maintenance items over lifecycle of product
    • Standard tested supplies yields based on 5% and ISO coverage standards
    • Consolidated pricing options including warehousing, transportation and logistics management
  • Flexible delivery options utlizing any combination of partners, OKI service providers and 3rd parties

Back Office Processing and Billing

  • Detailed usage reports for color and mono page counts, AMPVs, and calculated costs
  • Simplified billing, invoicing, payment collection and funds distribution
  • Support to enable full integration of backend systems with strategic partners, OMD and ECI2 Systems

Continuous Fleet Optimization and Reporting

  • Fleet optimization services include: ongoing device and usage tracking
  • Key differentiator: automated proposal generation that will be e-mailed to you for incremental sales opportunities as they are identified within your customer's fleet
  • Standard reporting services include:
    • Quarterly reporting and adjustment recommendations
    • Annual performance evaluations and technology briefings that include ongoing, strategic recommendations
    • Document workflow, automation and integration options for business process optimization
    • Performance assessment vs. SLA goals
    • Continuous cost improvements and cost avoidance recommendations
  • Robust and flexible tracking options provide immediate visibility to:
    • Review costs, billing and gross profit data for all accounts
    • Generate rules-based and password-protected reporting
    • Provide data access to your customer's fleet

Click Here To Download:
Flyer: Total Managed Print™ From OKI Printing Solutions
Webinar: Taking Business Efficiency to the Next Level
Video Overview: Total Managed Print™
Case Study: Managed Print Services K–12 Education
Brochure: Total Managed Print™
Case Study: Use MPS To Evolve Beyond Hardware Sales