From The Editor | January 30, 2012

Top Tweets from RSPA Inspire 2012 - Day #1

Jim Roddy

By Jim Roddy, president, Business Solutions

The Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) is hosting its annual Inspire winter conference at the Los Suenos Marriott Ocean and Golf Resort in Herradura, Costa Rica. Here are some of the most intriguing insights and comments shared via Twitter on Day #1 of Inspire (Jan. 30). I included a couple of my own Tweets, so let me apologize in advance for the self-promotion. I'd rather be accused of that than not share some key info from the event with you:

@CRS4POS: #rspainspire session started a little late but only because it was SRO and the hotel had to set up more tables and chairs. Great attendance!

@BSMinfo: News from #RSPAinspire: RetailNOW 2012 exhibitor space is sold out. There's a waiting list of 30 exhibitors. The retail space is alive!

@APGCashDrawer: Congrats @InsideRSPA! RT @bsminfo News from #RSPAinspire: RSPA Doubles Membership -

@Jim_Roddy: "We're not in a recession; we're in a consumer revolution." Brett Harward at #RSPAinspire. @InsideRSPA @bsminfo

@808BIZ: RT @bsminfo: Retail buying trend: "Consumers don't trust what experts say. They trust what peers say." Brett Harward @ #RSPAinspire

@StarMicronics: RT @Jim_Roddy: "The app world has changed the entire economy on our planet." Brett Harward #RSPAinspire @InsideRSPA @bsminfo

@Jim_Roddy: "Mac stores revamped the retail experience. You don't move an inch & end up w/ 3 bags & $5000 in merchandise." Harward #RSPAinspire

@Jim_Roddy: "Business plans rarely, rarely work out the way we think they will. They usually overstate our capabilities." Harward #RSPAinspire

@BSMinfo: Education brief from #RSPAinspire: What's Wrong With Your Business Plan? -

@tritechsystems: RT @Jim_Roddy: Innovation question to ask every week: "How can we do what we do twice as good for half the cost?" Harward #RSPAinspire

@Golem5: The more of your product your clients consume (tech), the more they will rate it, recommend it, promote it. Harward #RSPAInspire

@Jim_Roddy: "Anything you do w/ a customer that creates confusion will have them heading for the hills. You'll create a disconnect." Harward #RSPAinspire

@Jim_Roddy: Best feedback sources: customers (consume your product), those engaged w/ your customers/prospects, successful peers. @bharward #RSPAinspire

@Jim_Roddy: If you as a business leader think you know everything your employees know, you'll never ask them questions. @bharward #RSPAinspire

@BSMinfo: Reinvention question from @bharward at #RSPAinspire: What are three ways we could provide more value to our clients?

@GenPOS_Eclipse: Great time meeting some great industry people #RSPAinspire. The team @InsideRSPA did a great job!

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