Guest Column | April 6, 2015

8 Top Traits To Look For In An Employee

By Andrew Harrover, CEO, Matrix Computer Consulting, ASCII Group Member Since 2012

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Which characteristics do you look for in an employee?

I am asked this question from time to time, and the quick answer reads a little bit like the Boy Scout credo: honest, thrifty reverent, etc. The full answer is a lot more complicated because the “perfect employee” is someone who fits into your organization and stays around for a long time as well. There is a great deal riding on your hiring, and companies that hire well typically thrive. 

It has been our experience that employees who possess the following characteristics tend to fit most easily into our organization and stay the longest. To that end, we have many of our technical employees go through a “try out” where they come to work with us for a few days. This helps us weed out folks that might not work out which is critical to figure out ahead of time. Turnover is both expensive and destructive. Clients get nervous and your existing employees get tired of it as well. Without our clients and customers, we would have no business, so be choosey about who you hire. In my experience, it’s better to run a bit understaffed with amazing employees than be overstaffed with a bunch of mediocre people who are taking up payroll slots. Be patient and particular. You know your staff and wait for the right person to walk in the door.

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