Article | May 2, 2013

Top Ten Video Surveillance Installation Challenges

Source: Axis Communications

A successful camera installation requires careful consideration of several things. What cameras should you choose? What is the best way to install them?

In this ten-step guide, we describe some of the challenges you can encounter during installation, and how to deal with them. We’ll guide you through areas such as cabling, network setup, environmental considerations, and camera selection and placement, as well as how you can make the most of Axis camera image features.

1. Cabling Infrastructure

Poorly or incorrectly installed network cabling can cause numerous problems in your computer network. However small it may appear, a problem with network cabling can have a catastrophic effect on the operation of the network. Even a small kink in a cable can cause a camera to respond intermittently, and a poorly crimped connector may prevent Power over Ethernet (PoE) from functioning properly.

If there is existing cabling in an installation, an adapter can be used: the AXIS T8640 Ethernet over Coax Adaptor PoE+ is an ideal choice for installation of network cameras where coax cables are already present and may be very long or inaccessible. AXIS T8640 Ethernet over coax Adaptor PoE+ enables IP- communication over existing coax video cabling and converts an analog system to digital. With this adapter, the cabling can be 500 meters instead of 100 meters.

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