Guest Column | June 18, 2014

Top Reasons To Specialize And Stay Focused On Services

Focus On Managed Services

By Brian Vincik, Vice President and General Manager, Securematics Inc.

People often ask me, “What differentiates a partner and makes one more successful than the other?” Nine times out of 10, my answer is this: Specialization.

My experience in the IT industry has taught me that partners who specialize their business, invest in their people, and demonstrate a commitment to solving business problems that are unique to their areas of specialization, see the biggest payoff. The reason is that organizations want a trusted technology advisor who understands their businesses and can help them select the best technology solutions for their businesses. 

Thanks to the growth in cloud and virtualization technologies, we’re operating in a new era of computing that demands simplicity, but many times serves up even greater complexity — especially around integration and management. For many channel partners, this is great news because what’s old is new again. And by that I mean the need for integration expertise is building as more and more businesses look to collapse infrastructure, capitalize on the cloud, and leverage anytime, anywhere computing without compromising security.

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