Guest Column | June 16, 2014

Top 6 Features Of Tablets For Delivery/Service

Mike McMahon, Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales, Panasonic

By Mike McMahon, Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales, Panasonic

According to a report from VDC Research, mobile workers account for nearly one-third of today’s workforce, surpassing over one billion in 2013. For these workers, mobile solutions are vital tools to stay connected to data, to each other, and to customers.

The abundance of mobile devices, the ubiquity of wireless access networks and the growing number of enterprise apps are all becoming critical to field service and delivery success. From a workforce productivity and efficiency standpoint, a major value of these mobile solutions lies in their ability to provide workers extra time in driving meaningful customer interactions. While many mobile devices are available, and while no single form factor can address all field worker needs, the tablet form factor sufficiently balances portability and productivity to deliver a highly capable and reliable mobile solution.

Next-generation tablets are reshaping the expectations of mobile computing and addressing the mobile device limitations of yesteryear. However, given the consumer-grade devices that have flooded the enterprise market, it’s important to note what features make an ideal tablet for field service and delivery workers.

The fact is there is no “one size fits all” tablet solution. From exposure to inclement environmental conditions to battery life management requirements and data security, decisions concerning tablet selection should address field worker needs while also providing a low total cost of ownership and high return on investment. Ensuring that all of these criteria are taken into consideration is essential when evaluating and selecting an optimal tablet solution. The following are six key feature considerations to keep in mind...

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