From The Editor | August 2, 2013

Top Channel Tweets — ChannelCon2013

Bernadette Wilson

By Bernadette Wilson


Here are some interesting, inspiring, and informative tweets from CompTIA’s ChannelCon that wrapped up Wednesday in Orlando, FL.

@joshua_feinberg: "When selling cloud, start by selling to the FINANCIAL decision maker." Via @HowardMCohen #ChannelCon

@CompTIA: Sobering message at #CompTIA IT Service and Support session: New #HIPAA compliance regs “serious stuff,” take effect 9/23/13 #ChannelCon

@cleverducks: #channelcon Managed Services community 66% currently offer Security as a service and 62% do Managed Security, customers need clarification

@CompTIA: CompTIA legal eagle: If #BYOD is giving IT departments a headache, it’s giving lawyers a heart attack #ChannelCon

@CompTIA: Expert tells #ChannelCon crowd: Everybody who touches a computer network needs cyber security training and education

@TechSuccessComm: CompTIA research shows 32% of solution providers believe implementation is the top cloud growth opportunity #ChannelCon

@CompTIA: CompTIA Expands #IT Channel Training Options with New Sales Playbooks #Cloud #CloudComputing #ChannelCon

@GenBiggs: How often do you checkyour #MSP growth? You can't do it annually. Think monthly, quarterly @lmwalsh2112 #channelcon & don't focus on just $$

@ImagingChannel: @Greg_Walters is talking about taking a cost-per-seat managed print approach at @CompTIA's #ChannelCon.

@MaryEllenGrom: When you have speakers lining up to be future webinar presenters, you know you are impacting lives! @CompTIA_AWIT #ChannelCon

@ivanmladenovic: "It's never too late to embrace your future." - @CompTIACEO Todd Thibodeaux at #ChannelCon

@lfasold: Imagine your clients with no hard drives. What would your business be like? @CompTIACEO #channelcon keynote; It's a cloud, cloud world.

@SusanKrautbauer: Game changers? Todd T keynote on 3D printing, smart buildings, wearable computing. @CompTIA #channelcon #technology

@kellyricker: Distributed workforce a major social trend. MSPs, one size does not fit all. Get ready for individualized services. #ChannelCon @CompTIACEO

@khalihenderson: @CompTIACEO: #millennials will be your customers, your salespeople, your techs and your boss. #ChannelCon

@AAV_Tal: The simple things rise to the top -rstephens #channelcon

@TechSuccessComm: "How you recruit people is your best advertising." Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens. #Channelcon

@lorikberry: Three skills you can not train for: curiosity, ethics & drive! @rstephens #ChannelCon

@captain15: Course 1 on Certificate in the Cloud (Intermediate) coming to a close soon. Been outstanding. I have learned from everyone. #ChannelCon.

@fschultheisiw: Providers who are seen as experts in specialties increase their value exponentially. Fulfilling business needs drives success. #Channelcon

@JenniferiD8: Is BYOD for the SMB? Can security risks trump productivity gains for SMB's when contemplating BYOD? Intriguing w/@scottjbarlow #ChannelCon

@PrintFleet: Thank you @CompTIA for a fantastic event - #ChannelCon! Looking forward to next year already.