White Paper

White Paper: Top 5 Efficiency Tips: Practical Steps To Drive Productive Information Management Practices

The usefulness of information is directly tied to how easily it flows throughout your company. So when a record is maintained by a sole custodian, exists in a single physical copy or resides in a lone department, it can create bottlenecks that slow response times, delay billing cycles and make it difficult to distribute the necessary information in a timely manner.

Eliminating these bottlenecks is a great way to boost efficiency and maximize the usability of the information you create and share each day. To do so, think about how a specific piece of information is used to support a given business process. Ask yourself who needs it, when and for what reason. Then, review access requirements, examine current workflows and determine a means of storing, indexing and — when appropriate — imaging different types of information to provide records to users across your business.