Guest Column | November 2, 2011

Tips To Successfully Sell IP Video To Any Vertical

Patrik Pettersson Axis

By Patrik Pettersson, business development manager, Axis Communications

The key stakeholder for physical security technologies can vary from organization to organization, which is often dependant on the size of the company. Obviously the smaller the company, the many different hats people must wear. Stakeholders also vary depending on what organization you are selling to, such as a retailer, school, or business. Today, however, it is not typically anyone responsible for IT technologies that make the final decision on physical security spend.

That said, IT departments are growing increasingly more influential and, since you already own these relationships, your opportunity lies with the IT folks helping you to reach these physical security stakeholders.

A common owner of video surveillance and security strategy is the a company's facilities group. They frequently own building functions, and surveillance falls under their domain in some organizations.; Next, the security director. This would be for larger organizations that actually appoint someone in charge of employee safety and asset protection; If you are targeting a retailer, then the team you seek is the Loss Prevention (LP) organization. They exclusively use the technology in their daily work at individual stores. However, they may not be the group responsible for building security at the headquarters of the retailer. Here we may again run into facilities or a security director.