Guest Column | October 10, 2014

5 Tips To Adding Value To Hybrid Clouds With Cloud Management Platforms

By Pete Johnson, Senior Director of Product Marketing, CliQr Technologies

Cloud Communications

The data center world was changed forever by the virtualization revolution – and that change has only accelerated with the cloud computing technology that followed.  Over the last 18 months the market has settled on the notion that any sizable organization that has enough workload diversity benefits the most by using both public and private cloud in a hybrid model.

Throughout this evolution, VARs and MSPs have had to ask themselves hard questions about where value can be added.  The world of simply delivering hardware does not exist anymore - other aspects of the value chain have to be explored.  As businesses begin to adopt hybrid cloud and all the flexibility it promises, a new class of products that help them do so effectively is emerging - and this is the perfect place for VARs and MSPs to play in because of the huge potential for added value on an ongoing basis.

The hard part of hybrid cloud is not selecting the clouds that comprises it, but in addressing aspects of its usage long term.  Questions like:

  • How can you best utilize existing infrastructure?
  • What is the process for determining the best execution venue for each application?
  • How do you standardize usage of a hybrid cloud across a large organization?
  • Who manages what aspects of applications running on the hybrid cloud?

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