Guest Column | June 21, 2013

5 Tips For Successfully Selling Cloud Services

By Rob Merklinger, VP of Sales, Intronis

Rob Merklinger - Intronis

By Rob Merklinger, VP Sales, Intronis

According to the latest research from Gartner, three years ago only 2% of all cloud transactions went through the channel. Today that number has grown to 20%, and it’s growing at a faster pace every day. The reality is, however, that many VARs and MSPs struggle to close cloud business. If you find yourself in this category, take heart, the solution is probably simpler than you think. Below is a handful of common objections MSPs face when selling cloud backup solutions, as well as some tips on how to overcome them.

  1. Find a Cloud Provider You Trust

The majority of objections around the cloud come from a fear of the unknown. Think about it, even the name “Cloud” suggests mystery and evasiveness. When it comes to your customers’ data, these are two terms that don’t evoke peace of mind. If you’re in the minority of IT service providers that has its own cloud data center, you can skip this first tip, but the majority of service providers rely on third-party co-location facilities to house their customers’ data. If you don’t know anything about your cloud provider beyond their cost per gigabyte, it will quickly become apparent when your customer asks questions around this topic.

At the very minimum, you should know whether your cloud service provider has been audited against the latest data center security standards, such as SSAE 16, and you should know the results of the audit as described in a SOC (service organization control) 1,2,3 and/or 4 report. Even better is when you have enough confidence in your cloud provider that you’re willing to put your company’s data there. The more knowledge and confidence you show in your cloud provider, the better chances you’ll have of overcoming your customers’ concerns.

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