Guest Column | July 17, 2012

5 Tips For Effective Virtualized Data Protection

Bill Evans Arkeia

By Bill Evans, CEO, Arkeia Software

As midsized IT environments increasingly adopt server virtualization, administrators are challenged to find appropriately featured backups to protect their investments. VM architectures require more advanced backup and recovery processes than traditional server architectures, but these need not be complicated to select, configure, and use if appropriate consideration is given to the potential problems.

Unlike traditional backup systems that use operating system-resident agents, virtualization-tuned backups must accommodate features new to virtualized environments: physical platforms that don’t support agents, image-based backups, backups of virtual machines in motion across hypervisors, thin-provisioned disk storage, and even support of mixed hypervisors on one network. And, of course, any solution must assure trouble-free restores, said experts at Arkeia Software, a leading provider of fast, easy-to-use and affordable network backup solutions.

Below are five tips for choosing the right technology to deliver fast, simple, and more affordable data protection in virtualized environments.