News | June 29, 2015

Tigerpaw 15R1 Brings Matrix Reporting, Centralized Billing, Single Contacts To Multiple Accounts

Enhancements to flagship PSA platform, available now, also include additional inventory tracking features and integrations

Tigerpaw Software has launched the newest version of its flagship Tigerpaw platform, version 15R1. The new release includes major enhancements such as a new powerful business intelligence Matrix tool, centralized billing, ability to assign the same contact to multiple accounts, and improvements to serialized inventory tracking.

The enhancements, available now, are designed to enable service providers to run their businesses more efficiently, increase sales, improve the user experience, and better manage overall business performance.

“We’ve spent a lot of time innovating and developing these features in order to make our partners more valuable to customers and more profitable. These additions, as well as our recently announced Learning Management System and Tigerpaw Mobile, give our partners all the tools they need to be the most effective service providers in the market,” said James Foxall, founder and CEO of Tigerpaw Software.

Details of new features in Tigerpaw 15R1 include:

  • Matrix – A unique tool based on grid technology that provides powerful reporting capabilities not included in list views or other software applications. Offers custom fields and related tables, plus column totals and the ability to group data by selected fields.
  • Central Billing – Allows users to create one invoice from multiple service orders for related accounts, simplifying account administration for both service providers and their customers.
  • One Contact, Multiple Accounts – Simplify your contact administration by sharing an existing contact across multiple accounts, ideal for consultants or companies working with multiple customers.
  • New KPI Reports – Make better strategic decisions based on data from a wide variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow users to measure success in finance, resources, marketing and sales.
  • Min/Max Inventory Quantities for Each Location – Assign bins with minimum and/or maximum quantities for multiple locations, with automatic notifications sent to better control inventory distribution.
  • Map D-Tools to Tigerpaw – Assign item categories for importing quotes from D-tools SIX (or newer) into Tigerpaw, reducing data cleanup and ensuring proper identification.

Recognizing that many MSPs, particularly those with more than 10 employees, also resell products and provide break/fix services, the new enhancements should provide immediate benefits, said Foxall.

“While we provide regular updates and enhancements to our Tigerpaw platform throughout the year, this list of enhancements is impressive and should help technology & service providers add more value to their customers at no additional cost,” Foxall said. “We look forward to helping partners migrate to 15R1 and will showcase it at our 2015 Partner Conference this October.”

About Tigerpaw
Tigerpaw’s comprehensive tool empowers more than 35,000 users to manage, automate and integrate business functions including service, accounting, CRM, inventory, field service management, sales, marketing, quoting, inventory, ticketing and customer communication all within one, easy-to-use system. Their award-winning software is designed for B2B service providers who sell, monitor and service software, computers and other equipment. Tigerpaw offers a comprehensive, business automation solution for companies in industries as varied as A/V, IT, telephony, security and POS to medical equipment and ATM machines.

For over 30 years, Tigerpaw Software has designed service management and contact management software that helps businesses increase sales, provide better service, manage projects, bill their customers faster and make better business decisions every day.

Source: Tigerpaw