News | January 14, 2014

Tidel Engineering Announces The Tidel Series 4

Tidel Engineering, L.P., the world leader in Cash Management Systems and Robbery Deterrent products, announces the Tidel Series 4, a new cash management system that offers an innovative design, superior usability, and enhanced serviceability for the retail market.

The primary features of the Tidel Series 4 include:

  • Available in four distinct configurations - offering the most flexible design in the industry
  • Base system is 18” high – making it optimal for space-constrained environments
  • 7-inch color screen - providing superior usability in menu navigation and system operations
  • Note validator maintenance door - allowing preauthorized personnel to remove validator heads if a jammed note is detected
  • Main CPU board and power supply located under the console - enabling enhanced serviceability
  • Supports the standard 1,200 note cassette and the 2,250 note XL cassette
  • Connects to the Tidel Tube Vend module - enabling convenient and secure management of the in-store change fund

“With the Tidel Series 4, retail customers have access to the most flexible and feature-rich cash management system in the market,” said Gary Landry, President and CEO, Tidel Engineering. “The Series 4 continues our commitment to providing the most innovative cash management solutions that offer the latest technologies, best user experience and serviceability that customers expect from Tidel. The Series 4 is a perfect addition to our world-leading family of cash management solutions.”


Tidel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentinel Technologies, Inc. (a private holding company), has been a manufacturer of cash security equipment designed for specialty retail marketers since 1978. Tidel designs and manufactures products for cash security and robbery deterrence, as well as retail cash management. To date, Tidel has sold more than 300,000 systems in the U.S. and over 60 countries. Tidel provides a 24-hour, seven-day customer service center and offers customer service and support in over 120 countries worldwide. Tidel is a portfolio company of Vector Capital, a $2.5 billion global technology private equity firm based in San Francisco. Founded in 1997, Vector has focused on investing in leading technology companies and working with businesses to create value for customers, employees, and shareholders. Information about Tidel and its products may be found on the company’s website at or email Information about Vector Capital may be found at