News | July 23, 2015

ThreatTrack Correlates Discovered Malware And Anomalous Network Behavior To Stop Cyberattacks

ThreatSecure Network combines advanced malware detection and network traffic monitoring to identify lateral movement across networks that indicate an active attack

ThreatTrack Security – a leader in cyber threat prevention solutions that substantially change how organizations respond to cyberattacks – recently launched ThreatSecure Network, which provides enterprise cybersecurity teams with a single solution to identify and stop advanced attacks in progress with real-time analysis of discovered threats and anomalous network behavior.

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“Too many enterprises are still focused on shoring up threat detection capabilities as their primary means of preventing data breaches,” said ThreatTrack Chief Product Officer Usman Choudhary. “That approach blinds many to what’s really happening on their network, which in post-breach investigations always reveals the footprints of a threat actor traversing a network undetected for an alarming amount of time. ThreatSecure Network gives incident responders the real-time visibility they need to reveal malicious intent – the malware infections, lateral movement, replication and exploration across a network which indicate a breach or attack is in progress. And if we discover a threat, we can stop it and remediate it.”

"ThreatSecure is incredibly efficient and easy to use,” said American Systems Director of Cyber Security, Fouzan Pal. “Advanced threat protection systems can be complicated and require that you integrate or do analysis of threats with other systems. ThreatSecure does it all – detection, remediation, analysis – all in a single interface."

Purpose-Built Advanced Malware Protection
ThreatSecure Network is much more than an advanced malware detection solution. It delivers visibility across an enterprise’s network – an aggregation of network protocols and services across all devices, as well as tracking the movement of malicious files and the network activity of infected devices and the devices with which they communicate.

It aggregates threat-related instances like malware detection and anomalous network activity to provide security analysts with a single, comprehensive view of malicious activity for faster, more confident decision making. The solution looks beyond the initial infection to monitor and track activity before and after a threat is identified to uncover the patterns that may otherwise be missed as a telltale sign of an active cyberattack.

ThreatSecure Network enables enterprises to identify and disrupt attacks in real time and limit data breach exposure through key features and capabilities, including:

Thressions – Threat Sessions
Thressions – or Threat Sessions – logically organize and visually represent all network behavior and traffic to enable security analysts to determine the phase of an advanced attack. Thressions help incident responders discover patterns by connecting discovered threats, targeted devices and otherwise seemingly innocuous network traffic to reveal malicious intent of threat actors.

TS Labs - Network Visibility
TS Labs helps users better understand their normal network patterns to enable security professionals to quickly identify and isolate potential threats when they are discovered.

Threat Detection and Blocking
The solution identifies applications and devices generating and receiving malicious traffic, extracts files from within traffic, leverages its on-board behavioral determination engine to discover unknown malware, analyzes user-generated links’ payloads, and blocks and reports on sessions associated with malicious URLs.

Stopping Threats
Monitoring in promiscuous mode, ThreatSecure Network still enables security responders to end any potentially malicious network traffic sessions from the solution via an SDN framework used to capture and block network traffic, and disrupt sessions using an embedded IPS engine.

See it at Black Hat
ThreatTrack will introduce and demonstrate ThreatSecure Network at Black Hat USA 2015 in booth #747 Aug. 5 - 6. One-on-one demos can be prescheduled by sending email to

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