Guest Column | October 17, 2013

4 Things You Need To Know About The Education Vertical

By Brian Sutter, Director of Marketing, Wasp Barcode Technologies

Brian Sutter, Director of Marketing, Wasp

Due to several factors, the education sector is ever changing. No one is more familiar with those changes than teachers and parents of students. From an industry perspective, however, individuals not directly connected to the education vertical may be missing out on important trends occurring in this space. Below are four things you need to know about the education vertical.

1. The Move Toward Paperless Education

According to a recent article, the United States spends more than $7 billion annually on traditional textbooks. Unfortunately, many of those textbooks are seven to ten years old and contain outdated material. Using electronic readers allows textbooks to constantly be revised to reflect current events. In addition, they use more visual and audio effects that help students learn the most up-to-date information in an engaging way. The ability to combine traditional learning with supplemental methods — such as visual, hands-on, or audio learning — appeals to more students.

The transition to e-books isn’t only happening in schools in the United States. South Korea has announced its plans to move to all-digital school texts by the year 2015.  Although there are still some factors that need to be addressed before full adoption — such as expensive hardware and non-standardized file formats — we are moving closer to a digital classroom.

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