Guest Column | July 3, 2014

4 Things To Consider When Selecting Cloud Service Providers And On-Premise Solutions

Cloud And On-Premise Decisions

By Marcus Schmidt, Senior Director of Product Management at West IP Communications

For many years cloud service providers worked to overcome the notion that enterprise security for premises-based infrastructure was superior to that offered by cloud-based solutions. Recently, however, firms like, NetSuite — as well as West — have been recognized as truly viable solutions for organizations of all sizes. These cloud-based tools have reached broad market acceptance, in part, by consistently delivering on their security promise.

Today, the security-related advantages maintained by a true, regulated, enterprise telecommunications hosted-service provider can be described with regard to several key areas:

  1. Restricted Access 

Large service providers have very limited access to their networks. They have a small handful of facilities and global network operations and control facilities that have the physical network capabilities to access the various network components. Access is often broken down into system access capability per facility and further by physical desk/NOC (network operations center) station in the center. And all of that is even before standard user authentication takes place, which adds yet another dimension of security.

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