Guest Column | April 13, 2015

4 Things To Consider When Protecting Apps And Data In The Cloud

By Rob Merklinger, VP of Sales, Intronis

Rob Merklinger - Intronis

The debate about which cloud is the right for business — public, private or hybrid — has been ongoing and may never be completely resolved, but most will agree the choice depends on the business and its unique requirements.

When it comes to selecting a cloud, a rule of thumb for many has been “anything but financials.” This seemingly harmless tip has led many companies to migrate core, but not mission-critical, applications and data to the public cloud including e-mail, CRM (customer relationship management), project management, and human resources. But are these applications and data really secure?

That depends entirely on the cloud, or clouds, you or your customers are using. Equally important (if not more so) in this discussion are the data protection services you are leveraging to support dynamic IT environments.

Having the right cloud(s) and backup solutions in place makes all the difference. Four things that businesses should carefully consider when migrating their applications and data to the cloud include...

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