Guest Column | June 5, 2018

The VAR Coach On Why Your Attitude Is Related To Success

By James Kernan, Principal, Kernan Consulting

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“A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

Do you believe that a positive attitude can give you a better and successful life? I believe they are directly related and having a positive, encouraging attitude will help boost your business and make you more successful in all areas of life.

Successful entrepreneurs have many qualities, but one of the most important ones are persistence and attitude. Successful businesses often have their failures, but they pick themselves up and keep on going. What do you do if you’re not a naturally persistent person? You should change the way you think.

One of the most important steps you can take to reach your potential in life is to learn to watch your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you. We all have a choice. We can choose to be positive and encouraging, or we can choose to be a pessimist and have self-pity. It’s a power we all have. Each of us encounters hard times, hurt feelings and pain. The key is to realize it’s not what happens to you that matters; it’s how you choose to respond.

Your mind is a computer that can be programmed. You can choose whether the software installed is productive or unproductive. Whatever you put into it is reflected in what comes out.

Here are six simple tips to keep you on track:

1. Visualize your success

All top performers from business to athletics, know the importance of picturing themselves succeeding in their minds before they complete it. The power of visualization is extremely effective when harnessed and used correctly.  Visualize yourself meeting and exceeding your goals.  This is a great way of increasing your confidence and determination.

2. Lift others up not put them down

True leaders esteem others higher than themselves. Always try to have high regards, great respect, and positive thoughts of the people you work closely with.  Continue encouraging and building one another up. You will start seeing growth and advancements in productivity and relationships with your friends and co-workers.

3. Be an Encourager

Encouragement is an expression and assurance of one’s hope and future in words, presence, and sincerity.  Most everyone likes being encouraged, especially during a challenging project or task.  Be the one who encourages others to succeed.

4. Be the most Enthusiastic person you know

Enthusiasm is an incredibly powerful tool to create forward progress and momentum. Enthusiasm can also be used to combat fear and nervousness.  Being enthusiastic also creates an overall feeling of happiness and well-being. When used properly it can also be contagious and will help others around you.

5. Don’t forget to laugh – Share humor

Leaders who use humor tend to be more approachable. So, being the open, funny self that you are can help your team view you in a positive light, especially in stressful situations.

Most people are attracted to humor and will respond in a positive way. Bottom line it’s contagious. So build up your co-workers with your humor and positiveness.

6. Exercising and taking care of yourself

Remember that you are your greatest asset and if you want success in your career, then you need to make caring for yourself a priority.

Greater self-awareness and attention to your body will translate into awareness into the work that you do. People will gravitate towards you because you will feel great each day and the success will soon follow.

Seek your personal and professional success by using these tips to keep a positive attitude. Contact us if you would like to learn more about leadership growth.

James Kernan

JamesJames Kernan has served as a Principal Consultant for Kernan Consulting and provides Coaching, Advising and Mentoring programs to IT business owners and leaders. 

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