White Paper

The Value Of Unified Security Solutions In The Retail Environment

Retail is a dynamic market, constantly changing and evolving due to the economic climate, buyer behavior, and the rise and fall of criminal activity. As shoplifting and employee theft continue to be chief sources of shrink, it is becoming increasingly clear to retailers that their existing tools such as analog CCTV systems are ineffective. Some retailers have started using IP video systems but they are not realizing the full potential of networked solutions - video surveillance remains separate from other loss prevention systems such as access control, EAS and intrusion detection. There is a critical need for unified networked solutions that correlate important data from multiple IP-based subsystems to increase situational awareness, and better protect assets and employees.

This white paper looks at the current retail environment and outlines the benefits of unified, networked solutions for loss prevention (LP), and also explores how these systems can be leveraged to gather data for store operations and merchandising.