Case Study

The Value Of Mobile Printers In Home Healthcare

This case study from Brother Mobile Solutions takes a look at Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter (Midwest CareCenter), a healthcare provider serving more than 4,000 patients per year in their homes, extended care, and inpatient hospice facilities. Midwest CareCenter operates a large clinical workforce with complex route considerations and mobile printing has become a major part of their compliance, patient safety, and education process.

Midwest CareCenter has a staff of nearly 300 professionals that work to deliver medical and hospice care to a broad network of patients at numerous locations. New regulations in the healthcare industry have brought on numerous logistical and record transfer challenges for Midwest CareCenter. One major part of these regulations require home health care workers to leave a detailed medication list at the patient’s residence, causing Midwest CareCenter to realize it needed to integrate its EMR system with other technologies to help improve the efficiencies of its current process. Their goal was to provide hard copies of this continually changing data to the patients accurately and at the time of the visit.

This case study notes, “On the heels of this mandate, new Electronic Health Records (EHR) benchmarks and “meaningful use” requirements were released by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). Meaningful use guidelines promote higher standards in EHR integration and strive to further insure patient safety, but posed the second greatest field challenge to Midwest CareCenter administrators: How to connect hundreds of field clinicians, social workers and physicians with individualized safety, drug interaction and educational materials, and enable them to output this data in real time for the homebound patient.”

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