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The Ultimate Guide To Reselling Microsoft 365 Business

Source: Sherweb
Chief Customer Officer

According to YouGov and Microsoft, 71% of cyber criminals target small businesses. This eBook will show you why Microsoft 365 Business is your best bet. You will learn what Microsoft 365 Business really is, why you should resell Microsoft 365 and how to pitch the solution to your clients.

If you’ve spent the last few years reselling Office 365, you might be wondering if it’s still the ideal solution for today’s small business owner. After all, more employees are working remotely and sharing documents on their mobile devices, which makes them ideal targets for prying eyes. Does Office 365 still fit the bill?

Increase Your Revenue

If your clients are using Office 365 Business Premium, they probably think they have all the features they need. After all, they have access to familiar applications such as Word, Exchange, PowerPoint and Outlook. But, they don’t have the latest features for data security and compliance. And these are big issues in 2019. Have you considered adding Microsoft 365 Business to your portfolio? Your clients’ data will be more secure and you’ll increase your profits in the process. We don’t have to tell you that reselling Office 365 isn’t a big money-maker.