White Paper

The Ultimate EMV Cheat Sheet: Everything ISVs, Integrators And VARs Need to Know About EMV Migration

Source: Creditcall Corporation

Around the globe, countries have adopted EMV technology to combat against fraud. A report from Europol says 80 percent of fraud outside the European Union, using EU payment cards, occurs in the U.S.

With all eyes turning to the U.S., considering a future where credit card technology leads to the promise of a secure payment environment around the globe, it’s surprising that the U.S. hasn’t jumped on the EMV bandwagon sooner. The main driver behind this migration is the central goal of worldwide fraud reduction that has been put into place. In order to reach this goal, the migration to EMV must permeate a significant percentage of credit cards in the U.S. in the next two years. This gives the U.S. market a long way to go, sitting at only 1-5 percent chip card ready in Jan. 2014.